Every once in a great while the stars align to bring together an abundance of talent, dedication, and commitment to excellence; such is the case with Dikembe, Gerald, Micah, and Joshua Footman. Their breakout hit Clear Country Sky seems to have struck the right chords and challenges musical barriers that dictate they be boxed into a particular sound or genre of music.  From the initial rifts of the acoustic guitar you get the sense that Country Sky will be an instant classic. Add to that the unique and blended harmonies of the brothers and before you know it you’re hooked by the catchy, addictive lyrics. 

There is no such animal as an “overnight success”. These young men not only grew up together, but they’ve spent their entire lives honing their musical skills both individually and collectively from the instruments they’ve mastered to their diverse vocal acumen. 

Dikembe, the eldest of the group, pens the lyrics. He along with his brothers grew up singing in the church choir. Their child...


In 2017 The Brothers Footman signed a record label deal with Victory Music Buzz, LLC.  They will release their first single Lil Mo' Time April 20th 2018 and Clear Country Sky June 3, 2018.

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