WHAT is SkunkPack?  


SkunkPack is a collective music movement, free of race, sex and religion. Our rules? That all individuals express themselves freely and unapologetically. Promoting self expression and embracing the present moment are a part of the SkunkPack ethos. Our music is reflective of a strong message of HOPE that we want to deliver to the masses. Our music has purpose, it is a movement. The SkunkPack makes it presence known with as much ferocity and undeniable strength to that of a real skunk. Depending on the beat we flow with the vibes we are feeling at that moment in time. Every song is original and flavored with unique beats and production.  


WHO is SkunkPack?


Our fearless leader Husain Elder grew up on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio. Like any urban city, he grew up sidestepping gangs, drugs, and broken homes.  Husain is from a tight-knit family determined to survive and flourish the harsh elements of their surroundings. At the age of seven, Husain discovered a love for music when his grandfather let him listen to Earth, Wind & Fire’s Millennium album.  Both of his parents were classically trained. His mother was an opera singer and his father a violin player. His grandparents drenched his family in the sounds of Motown. Motown was a way of life in his household. Husain did not grow up loving music, it became a way of life for him. His personal mission is to motivate others through his music and encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves.  He wants his music to inspire people to experience life on earth and to spread love, not hate. Husain’s musicality is not limited to rap. He is a diverse artist who celebrates his history of R&B. There will always be some Motown and traces of Earth Wind and Fire beneath his feet. He wants YOU to be a part of the SkunkPack Movement. Let’s foster an environment that will help to manifest your dreams into reality.



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